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There’s a whole lot of people out there claiming to do what we do every day.  Don’t be fooled with their hype.  Come in and see our expert staff for a reasonable repair estimate that will get you back on the go.

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Do you need a SMARTphone repair?

TGFMobile Expert Staff is here to help!

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We have technicians on duty Monday through Saturday from 10 to 7 to serve you! Give us a call today!

Water Damage

Did your phone get wet? Turn it off, pull the battery, and get it to us as soon as possible. We have proprietary techniques that can usually rescue a phone from becoming water damaged!

Speaker Failure

Loudspeaker not working? Headphones having issues? We have everything under control! Come and see us for an evaluation today.

LCD Replacement

Displays are one of the most common parts to break on a phone. We stock many of the most popular devices so we can get you back on your way fast!

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