Water Damage


Water/Liquid Damage

What To Do

If you experience this, here are the steps to take to increase the chances we can repair it.

  1. Remove Phone From Liquid
    1. You might be surprised at how many times people just leave their devices laying in whatever liquid it is in assuming that the phone is ruined.  If you follow the next steps, we may be able to save it!
  2. Power Off Your Device (if it’s still on)
    1. Press and hold the power button until your device shuts off.  This can take 10 seconds or more, but this is a crucial step to prevent further damage.
  3. Remove The Battery (if possible)
    1. Lately, more and more phones have built-in batteries that you can’t remove.  However, if you can, pull that battery out and set it aside.  This will ensure there is no electricity available to cause more damage.
    2. Don’t worry too much if you can’t pull the battery, just be sure to turn the phone completely off as soon as possible.  That will be far better than doing nothing.
  4. Get Your Phone To Us As Soon As You Can
    1. That goes without saying, but don’t wait.  Our best chance for success is to get that phone in  to our proprietary drying process so we can get the circuit boards and other internal components dried out.

Check in with us at our Lafayette Street store for more details.

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